AVA, Mo–The Missouri state high school football playoffs entered quarterfinal weekend.

Some schools playing Friday night, others moving to Saturday games.

In Ava, the Bears were looking to keep their perfect season alive.

Fox 49’s Chris Pinson is standing by live in Ava with our game story.

Hey Dan, between Seneca and Ava putting their perfect seasons on the line for a trip to the Class 3 state semifinals, you’d expect this contest to be a who’s got the ball last kinda game.

Instead it was Seneca taking control and never letting go.

Indians received the opening kickoff, 3rd and 7, Jackson Mars slips out of the backfield, Bears don’t account for him.

He picks up close to 30 yards on the play moving the chains to keep the Indians drive alive.

Few plays later, it’s Mars again, this time on the ground to make it 6-0.

A missed extra point gives the Indians a lead with 7:30 to go in the first.

Ensuing Bears possession, 3rd and 2 they’re going to convert for a 1st down at the Indians 20 yard line.

Very next play, sophomore quarterback, Aeden Lane breaks a couple tackles, and scampers 20 yards for the touchdown.

Bears go for two and get it, Ava up 8-6.

But the Indians responded.

Gavyn Hoover keeps the ball and shows he’s dangerous with more than his arm.

First down carry goes for 15 and after we flip the field to the start of the second quarter, Mars gets his number called again.

Crashing across the plane for his second touchdown on the night, 14-8 Indians.

After the Bears blinked and kicked the first punt of the game, Mars continued doing more damage to the bears defense.

This run goes for a gain of 53 plus tack on 10 more after a facemask penalty against Ava.

Very next play, from the Bears 22, Hoover does more damage with his legs, dives across the pylon, gets in the endzone.

19-8 Indians ahead by 11.

After the Bears punted away for the second straight possession, Hoover goes up top.

Big play sets up one final touchdown as it was Seneca leading this contest, 28-6 at the half.

And Seneca goes onto win 56-8