Royals Salvy wants to stay behind the plate


SURPRISE, Az–Friday afternoon, the Kansas City Royals will play Texas in their first exhibition game of the spring.

And behind the plate will most likely be Salvador Perez.

As Rob Collins reports, Salvy is back from injury.

March sixth will be one year since Salvador Perez had Tommy John surgery and says he has another meeting with his doctor to access his recovery.

He told me he believes he’ll be 100 percent when the season starts.

And he wants to play catcher 100 percent of the season.

“I’m a catcher, not a first base guy. And I’m going to prepare myself to catch 162 games,” said Perez.

But as we heard that may not be the case.

Salvy may spend extended time at first base to maximize his use all season long.

“There are things we want to minimize the work load. Not really the work load as much as the amount of stress and the frequency of it. How can we work smarter to take some of the load off of that arm. I think we have a nice plan in place,” said Royals manager Mike Matheny.

That plan is ever evolving.

Just like the relationship between Salvy and his former catcher manager Mike Matheny.

Perez:”It’s new. It’ll take some time to have a relationship. I think time. He’s a great guy. He understands when you’re a catcher that’s going to help.”

Matheny:”His expectations and ours are the same. And he can be even better then he’s been. And I know that’s expecting a lot. But I think every one of these guys needs to have that thought process in their mind. How can I be better then what I’ve been before regardless of what I’ve accomplished. The way that a guy like Salvy is wired, the way that he works. It’s absolutely realistic.”

Let’s hope Salvy is still smiling when the season gets here.

In Arizona with the Royals, I’m Rob Collins.

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