Rogersville’s boys and girls to state final four


ROGERSVILLE, Mo–The Missouri state high school basketball state championships will continue this weekend at JQH Arena.

It’s the Class 4 and 5 Final Four.

In Class 5, the Republic girls will play North Kansas City Friday afternoon in the semifinal.

In Class 4, two teams are playing for state championships.

And as KOLR 10’s Matt Vereen reports, they’re from the same school.

It’s spring break here at Logan-Rogersville high school.

The lights are off, the classrooms are empty, and the halls are…Silent.

That is…(Nats)…except for the gym

“It’s exciting, the reason we’re here. I’d rather do this than not be playing,” said senior forward Luke Vandersnick.

That reason is a trip to the class four semifinals.

And because of it, the wildcat boys are happy to give up some of their vacation time.

“We’re going to get our team up there on that final four finishes, and that’s really what it’s all about. Just showing that we did something for our school,” said Vandersnick.

Matt Vereen/KOLR 10 sports: “Now for the boys team, this will be there first final four trip since 1986. But the difference this time around is that at the other end of this hallway just mere feet away (NATS: opening door) the girls team is preparing for their first final four trip ever at the exact same time.”

“To do it with the boys, what better way could you both go to the final four than to both do it at the same time,” said girls head coach Denny McHenry.  

“It definitely makes it a lot more special that our boys get to do it too. It’s just something that we both have worked hard for,” said senior forward Maci McHenry.

“Our offices are right next to each other and Denny is a good friend of mine. We’ve coached against each other for years back when he coached boys and I coached boys. We’re just both excited, we’ve had a lot of fun with it and we want to have a lot of fun with it as we continue,” said boys head coach John Schaefer.

Both teams will be in action at JQH Arena on Friday for the semis.

The boys facing the team that knocked them out last year in Grandview and the girls facing Lincoln College Prep.

Two more wins by either would mark the school’s first basketball title since 1982.

From Rogersville, Matt Vereen, Ozarks First. 

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