REEDS SPRING, Mo–It’s week two of the high school football season and 1st and 10.

Coaches like to say the biggest improvement comes between week one and week two.

KOLR 10’s Chris Pinson is live in Reeds Spring with our game of the week and says revenge will also be a factor tonight.


Hey Dan, despite losing to Nevada last year in week 2, the Wolves still finished runner-up in the Class 3 state title game.

This year, Reeds Spring is banking on those hard learned lessons to push them to victory.

“It’s our team this year. Just staying quiet and doing business.”

The greatest asset any team can possess is experience.

It’s the one weapon no opponent can game plan for.

Which is exactly what reeds spring is counting on from their 12 seniors.

“I’ve grown up with these guys. I have a bigger connection with them of course. I had a big connection with them last year, too, like the seniors last year, but this year’s different. It’s my guys. We’re all playing out there. It’s our last ride. We gotta take it personal,” said quarterback Blandy Burall.

“It’s a special year anytime you get to that milestone because these seniors this year were freshmen, the first class I’ve had all the way through, so I’m really excited about personally,” said coach Andy McFarland.

The experience of last year’s loss to Nevada still stings, but the Wolves hope the lessons learned from it will pay dividends in their rematch this evening.

“That’s a long drive, Nevada to Reeds Spring. It’s a big advantage to play at home this early in the season. We’re excited to maybe not make some of those mistakes we made last year and get out to a better start in the first half this year,” said McFarland.

The catalyst for that quick start is third-year quarterback Blandy Burall, who threw for more than 2,500 yards and 30 touchdowns last season.

“I’ve had a lot of guys come back twice, but never three times. That’s a big deal and we’re gonna count on his experience to step up and make those plays when there’s plays to be made,” said McFarland.

Burall admits being a leader can be difficult, but a simple method helped him step into the role.

“Step in, step out. It’s like step out of your comfort zone and step into the challenge. So that’s what I’v been trying to do is step out of my comfort zone and that’s helped out a big way. No one wants to be a leader, no one wants to speak up but you gotta have those guys somewhere,” said Burall.

If Burall and the boys can avenge their loss, they believe it might be the game that spurs them to a repeat appearance in the state title match.

“It’s definitely gonna be a confidence booster if we win. That’s what our team needs right now. We need to have that confidence. We can do it, I mean we can go all the way but we just gotta have confidence and that’s what we’re lacking right now,” said Burall.

Now Dan, another key factor in the game is the chess match between the head coaches.

Coach McFarland was at Hillcrest when coach Beachler of Nevada was at Parkview.

So I can’t wait to see who knows their opponent better.

Reporting live at Reeds Spring high school, Chris Pinson, KOLR10 sports.