OMAHA, Neb–The Arkansas Razorbacks knew they were a special team rolling into the College World Series.

But the Hogs made everyone believers after a Razorback romp over the second-seed Stanford in Saturday’s first round game.

Stanford shutout Arkansas 5-0 back in February.

It’s 1-0 Arkansas when Stanford ties it up, Brock Jones takes this deep to left, and gone, a solo shot it’s 1-1.

The Razorbacks jump back in front in the fourth and never look back, two on the Chris Lanzilli deep to left, a three run shot and it’s 4-1 Arkansas.

It was 11-2 in the ninth when Cayden Wallace takes this deep to right, a two run shot.

Arkansas’ Connor Noland pitched into the eighth giving up only one run.

And the Razorbacks win the most lopsided College World Series game in 34 years 17-2.

Arkansas will play Ole Miss Monday.