Petrino talks about the unexpected shutdown


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The gates at Plaster Stadium at Missouri State are locked tight.

Same with JQH Arena and Hammons Field.

Sports at Missouri State are on lockdown until the coronavirus is eliminated.

Bears football coach Bobby Petrino talked about the unexpected shutdown.

Bobby Petrino is a college football coach who has never seen his Missouri State Bears play, let alone practice.

And the coronavirus just eliminated spring camp.

“There are a lot of unknowns right now,” Petrino said. “So not being able to go out and practice in spring. We have to improvise and adjust and see what’s the best way to communicate, teach so they can continue to learn.

“Anticipating we’ll have a season in the fall. but obviously there’s so much unknown who even knows about that?”

Petrino was able to meet with his team a couple of times a week before everything came to a stop.

“It’s a big setback being a new staff,” Petrino said. “We’re going to have drills in the fall that they’ve never done, offense, defense special teams we’re going to have to cut back on what we try to do, smaller packages and try to get good at something.

“A lot of unknown at the quarterback position. I haven’t even seen him throw the ball.”

What Petrino and his staff will do is stay in touch via social media to handle workouts and football drills.

Kind of a throwback to old film days.

“That time it could have been 16-millimeter film,” Petrino said. “Going way back. Now we can put it on what, Facebook video? I learned that this morning.”

Petrino is hoping that when the virus clears, and the NCAA would allow a summer camp sort of like the NFL before the college season kicks off.

“Then you hope the NCAA comes in and say you get 12 practices in the month of June, or 15 would be great,” Petrino said.

In the meantime, it’s about keeping his players safe and healthy, from a distance.

“Where’s the best place for them to be to do their online schooling? To handle their academics,” Petrino said. “Obviously, the most important thing for them is their health and academics. And then how they train for football.”

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