SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Missouri State Bears have not had a player picked in the NFL draft since 2011.

The Dallas Cowboys drafted offensive lineman David Arkin in the fourth round.

In our Bear Nation report, Eric Johnson hopes to change all that this week.

The defensive lineman was a four year starter for Missouri State and ended up with 100 total tackles in 48 games.

Johnson played in both the senior bowl and the NFLPA bowl and is projected to be drafted anywhere in the fourth or fifth round.

Bears coach Bobby Petrino says Johnson would be able to help any NFL team and even caught the eyes of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“And he said he really believed that if had a good year he would be drafted. So I guess we’ll see. Its really a credit to how he played. That’s the fun thing about him is how he was an inspiration to the other players. We talked to him about your video is your resume. So when he puts his video on you can see that. Technique, fundamentals, understanding the game and that’s what they go on is your resume,” said Petrino.