SPRINGFIELD–For the last 8 weeks, I’ve had the immense pleasure of sharing my passion for the game of golf with you this summer. But I’ve only got one more chance to beat the pro before we close the door on season 1 of Ozarks First Tee. So sit back and see how the final Pinson vs. The Pro shakes out.

CHRIS PINSON: Hey there, welcome to week 9 of Ozarks First Tee. Believe it or not, this is the last hurrah of our summer golf series, but hey, where else would you wanna hold the grand finale except right here, at the famous 19th hole at Payne’s Valley. Which is why I’m glad to be joined by friend, opponent, and Big Cedar pro, Landon Steele. So landon, you bring your A-game brother?

Landon Steele: Sure did Chris.

Pinson: Good. I like to hear it. So Landon, since you have the honors, what can you tell us about the hole we’re going to play?

Steele: So the 19th hole is designed by Johnny Morris. It’s an island green, playing roughly 120 yards. But the really cool feature about this hole is the actually the 2-mile drive up the cliffhanger trail. That’s where the experience is really made.

So I’ve got roughly 120 yards. I got a 50 degree wedge in hand, I’m just gonna try and go right at the flag and put a good swing on it. Sit right there. A little right…we’re dancing.

Pinson: Alright Landon, you found the dance floor safely. I guess I better put one on there, too. Oh baby, that is right at the flag, Landon. Yes sir!

Steele: Alright Chris, got about 20 feet here. Looks like it’s breaking right to left. That’s a pretty good roll. Didn’t break quite as much as I thought it would. Well, three’s never hurt no one.

Pinson: Alright Landon, you’re safely in for par, so I’m going for birdie and the win. Go baby, go baby, turn, no don’t turn that way! NO! Nice read Chris. Alright Landon, I guess I’ll have to go three ties this time, not bad either.

Landon, what a great match man, and what a gorgeous course and just thank you so much for your time and having us out here.

Steele: It was a pleasure Chris.

Pinson: It really was. Hey, three matches, three pros, three ties, I’ll take that. Do me a favor, if you enjoyed this summer and all we had, between lessons, signature holes, and Pinson vs. the Pro, tune in next summer when Ozarks First Tee returns for season two. You won’t want to miss it.