SPRINGFIELD, Mo–Missouri State has two games left on the football schedule.

This Saturday, the Bears will face Youngstown State in the last home game.

After that it’s a trip to Terre Haute to play Indiana State.

In our one on one discussion, Missouri State coach Bobby Petrino says he wants to end the campaign on a winning streak staring with senior day.

Dan Lucy:”The Missouri State Bears return home after another loss on the road at South Dakota. The Coyotes out to a 20-to-3 lead. Missouri State came back in this game but just could not get them in the end.”

Bobby Petrino/Missouri State Coach:”Yea it was a close contest, no doubt about it. Statistically when you add it all up we were about even. Kind of the difference in the game was they had three explosive plays that scored touchdowns. And our explosive plays did not score touchdowns. That became the difference.”

Lucy:”Just a couple of plays. But the Bears offense finally got clicking in this game, especially in the fourth quarter as you drove toward the end.”

Petrino:”We had a lot of good plays, some drives. What hurt us was the pressure that they got on our quarterback. And the sacks they came up with in crucial situations. We were not able to establish the line of scrimmage.”

Lucy:”Senior Day coming up this Saturday against Youngstown State. It’s always special for the players, the coaches and the parents. Just talk a little about the emotion of Senior Day and the last home game for a number of these players. How many do you have?”

Petrino:”We have 19 seniors. This will be a big one for us. Because we feel that this group of young me helped change this program around. And did a lot to progress us forward. We need to send them out with a win. I think that is something we have to work as hard as we possibly can to do.”

Lucy:”Kind of an up and down season. You went from that big win against Western to the disappointing loss. You try to get everything back for that home game.”

Petrino:”Yea no doubt about it. It’s a tough conference. We know that. We’re in a real close game. And a year ago we won all those close games. We weren’t able to get it done last week.”

Lucy:”And you talk about a tough conference. You have Youngstown State coming in here. The Penguins are 6-and-3 overall, 4-and-2 in the Valley and they’re coming in on a four game winning streak. Talk a little about what you expect the Pens to throw at you.”

Petrino:”They have a great running back. So we have to tackle him. Get him controlled and not let him control the entire game. They’re starting a different quarterback who can throw the ball. That’s added a lot to their offense. They play good defense, they’ve always played good defense tough guys who like to hit and run to the ball. So it’s a good challenge for us no doubt about that.”

Lucy:”Again that game is Saturday, Senior Day. The last home game for 19 seniors at Plaster, 2pm against Youngstown State. Thanks coach.”

Petrino:”Thanks a lot Dan.”