SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — This season OzarksFirst’s Dan Lucy will sit down with Bobby Petrino to recap the week and look ahead to the next game.

Here is the conversation following the win against Central Arkansas.

Dan Lucy: Coach, a decisive victory over Central Arkansas in the opening game. Jason Shelley really stepped up in that second quarter and kind of took control.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, it was a good game for us. You know, I felt like the defense played really well in the entire game. Offensively, we stuttered a little bit, particularly in the first quarter. Got into a really good rhythm in the second quarter. And then Jason made some big time plays to get us in the end zone and took control. Going into halftime 17-0 was a really nice job in the second quarter.

Dan Lucy: You mentioned the defense really controlled the entire game and then Braswell with the big special teams play to kind of slam the door on them.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, I like the way we play defense. We contain the front, we rush the quarterback sacked him seven times and got after him and that led to some turnovers. And then Bras(well) with the big kickoff return. Our kickoff return team works extremely hard in practice and it paid off for the game.

Dan Lucy: You’ve got a game here where, what needs to improve on the Bears as you work toward Tennessee Martin?

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, well, we had two bad turnovers, you know, one where we had a big play and were running and got cut from behind. We talk about that all the time, chinning the ball, everyone gets caught from behind. So we need to work on that. And then a quarterback-center exchange. You know, without those two plays, we might be a 41-7 win, but that that kept them in the game and put pressure on our defense. And thank God they played really.

Dan Lucy: Back to back Thursday night games. You have Tennessee Martin coming in a team that eliminated you from the playoffs last year. I know that the players have been talking a lot about that. What about you, revenge wise?

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, we just need to go play well, you know, and play our type of football, not turn the ball over. That was a big factor in that game. We kind of beat ourselves a little bit by turning the ball over. They’re a very good football team. They’ve got a whole bunch of graduate students back, guys that have played six and seven years for them. So we’re going to go have to play a good game of football. We’re gonna have to move the ball and score points, and defensively we’re going to have to stop the run.

Dan Lucy: That game is at 7:00 at Plaster Stadium on Thursday. Coach, good luck and thanks a lot.

Bobby Petrino: Thanks a lot, Dan. Appreciate it.