Dan Lucy: Coach, a disappointing loss up at North Dakota, but the bears off to a quick start, 21-10 lead. But a couple of big plays from the Hawks in the third and fourth quarter. And it seemed to affect the defense a bit.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, we really didn’t play as well on defense as we’re used to playing around here. We’re used to playing with more energy, more excitement, being able to tackle better. Offensively, we did some good things, but we weren’t able to be efficient enough to win a shootout. So when your defense playing like that, your offense has to be able score points and score in a hurry. And we just couldn’t score enough points to keep up.

Dan Lucy: Looking at the video from the game, were you able to put a finger on exactly what was the difficulty with the defense or was it just getting down after those big plays or was it something else?

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, I think the big plays affect us a little bit. You know, we came in at halftime and were ahead 21-20 and defensively our energy was down, which was a concern of mine. We didn’t go out in the second half and play with the type of energy that you need.

Dan Lucy: Three straight losses now for the Bears. First time since the first three games that you had as the coach. How do you work the things and how do you turn this around?

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, we guys got to keep working, keep going. We we can’t get down. We’ve got to make sure we regroup. We’ve got to do a better job of teaching. We got to get our players out there playing full speed and doing things right, tackling, blocking, completing passes, covering, you know, the little things that all make the difference.

Dan Lucy: And it seems I mean, there’s not like injuries. It’s not like there’s a lot of turnover. It’s the same group of guys. It’s just trying to get them refocused, I guess, or.

Bobby Petrino: Well, we’ve had some injuries, you know, on the defensive line. It’s it’s been hurting us a little bit. You know, we don’t have Payne out there. We don’t have Love out there. Our defensive runs down a little bit numbers wise, and that’s hurt us a lot.

Dan Lucy: Coach 0-2 in the conference, not a good place to be when you’re looking at, you know, you got six teams that are at 0-2 and then everybody else have above yourself got to get work done in the conference.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, it’s a heck of a conference. We got to just fight and get back and win this next game. That’s the most important thing is to just focus on this game.

Dan Lucy: You have a 3-2 Southern Illinois team coming in here. Talk a little bit about them. What do you need to do to win?

Bobby Petrino: Well, they’ve been up and down, too. You know, early in the year they’re down, weren’t playing real well. They’ve regrouped. They’ve come back and moved the ball. The quarterback is playing better and defensively they’ve been running and tackling well, so it’s going to be another good challenge for us.

Dan Lucy: And it’s a challenge that’ll be here at Plaster. So the game is in Springfield, kick off at 2:00 on Saturday. Thanks, Coach.