SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — This season OzarksFirst’s Dan Lucy will sit down with Bobby Petrino to recap the week and look ahead to the next game.

Here is the conversation following the game at Arkansas and looking ahead to the Missouri Valley Football Conference opener against South Dakota State.

Dan Lucy: Coach heck of a game down in Fayetteville (Ark.). You had the Razorbacks right where you wanted them about halfway through the fourth quarter, but a couple of plays there and they ended up winning this one, 38-27, But what an effort by the Bears.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, was a great effort by our players. Our assistant coaches put together a great game plan. We went in and played very aggressively, you know, went after it, played hard, played fast, just came up a little bit, a little bit short. They made some big plays in the fourth quarter that kind of put us away.

Dan Lucy: The game plan, but you stuck with it all the way through. You didn’t abandon the game plan. You know, at any point in that game, you stayed with it all the way through.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, we knew, we knew we needed to mix in some run, we weren’t as effective running the ball as you’d like to be, but we needed to mix it in. We need to move the quarterback around a little bit. We had a lot of success on on first down in early stages of the of the game and that really helped us move the ball.

Dan Lucy: At one point it’s 17-17 you could have thrown in the towel, but the Bears came back and scored that touchdown to Ty Scott that pass play, 24-17, you take the lead, put the pressure back on them. This is third quarter this game down down Fayetteville.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah and that was a really good drive. We you know, we had a short yardage early in it and then converted it. We ran the ball a couple of times. I thought Jacardia made a lot of good yards after after contact and that drive got to third and short again and they stopped us and they were able to convert it on fourth and one, which was a lot of fun, actually.

Dan Lucy: It’s incredible. Coach, you know, you talk about milestones, maybe a milestone game in this program. Four years ago, this team won one game. You get him to the FCS playoffs, you get to the point where you take a Power 5 team into the fourth quarter. I mean, what does that say just about how far this program has come since you’ve arrived here?

Bobby Petrino: Well, like I said, I’m really proud of the players and the leadership that we have on the team is doing a great job. Guys are real serious about it. Our preparation is good. They’ve learned how to enjoy their preparation and enjoy the process and then go out and play and have fun and fly around. And you know, that was a really physical game that their physical team, they hit us, but we hit them back and did a really nice job of it.

Dan Lucy: Now you have to turn the attention to the Missouri Valley Football Conference and you got South Dakota State coming in here, a team ranked higher than you, a very tough opponent.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, they’re really good. They got a great defense. They play extremely hard. Also, they got a good defensive lineman. Offensively, a quarterback who’s been to the championship game, got injured, had to sit out a year, but he’s coming back and getting better and better each game. Couple of brothers at receiver that are, you know, hard to handle. So it’ll be fun. It’ll be a great challenge for us. Hopefully we have a great crowd at home and give us the home field advantage.

Dan Lucy: Exactly. That game is at 2:00pm on Saturday at Plaster Stadium. Good luck and thanks coach.

Bobby Petrino: Thank you very much.