SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — This season OzarksFirst’s Dan Lucy will sit down with Bobby Petrino to recap the week and look ahead to the next game.

Here is the conversation following the bye week and looking ahead to a road game against Northern Iowa.

Dan Lucy: All right, Coach coming off of a bye week came at a good time trying to snap a losing streak. What exactly did you focus on during this bye week?

Bobby Petrino: Well, when you byes you do a couple of different things. One, you go back and do some one versus one work where you line up and do best versus best, and then you spend about 50 percent of the time getting ahead for Northern Iowa. So we work both of those things three days a week, had really good practices. I was excited to see the way we came out and worked.

Dan Lucy: Following the loss. The last loss you were talking targeting a couple of areas. One of them was defense, trying to get the defense off of the field. The other one was offensively getting manageable third down and second down plays. Did you work on those things in the bye week?

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, definitely. You know, and defensively it starts with stopping the run on first and ten. So we worked hard on that and tackled getting guys to sprint full speed to the ball and then on third down, work and we got extra work on third down every single day. Not only pressure in the quarterback, but tightening up the coverage, understanding what routes we’re getting. Then offensively it’s really about having positive plays and getting rid of the negative plays, shoring up our protection and making sure we get the ball out of our hand.

Dan Lucy: I know there was a lot of, what some of the players talked about, looking in the mirror about situations that you do, any of that kind of stuff with the team. Just try to get the attitude back that you need to have.

Bobby Petrino: Yeah, I thought we had a good week. I think our attitudes are good. I know there’s a lot of players on our team that really, really care about our football team and really care about winning we need to be able to relax, focus and play hard.

Dan Lucy: Another thing with the bye week is you get healthy, you have an opportunity to get some people healthy, and then did some of those guys back in and did you make any changes to the depth chart that are going to be instrumental going forward?

Bobby Petrino: We still have a whole week of work to do, so we’ll see how the depth chart works out and how that plays out. But we should have a couple of guys back to get healthy, starting with Kyriq McDonald, so that would be really good for us.

Dan Lucy: You talk about Northern Iowa, we’re talking about a Panther team that is a 2-2 in the conference, 3-4 overall, but has won three of its last four games. What can you tell us about the Northern Iowa Panthers?

Bobby Petrino: Well, they’re always good on defense you know, their defensive front, their linebackers really make it hard to run the ball. So we’re going to have to do a good job of blocking them. And offensively, they have some real weapons and real speed so we can’t give up big plays. And if we can eliminate the big plays, make them earn it and do good on first down stopping the run.

Dan Lucy: That game is in the UNI dome 4:00 on Saturday. Thanks, Coach.

Bobby Petrino: Thanks a lot Dan.