SPRINGFIELD, Mo–There was snow on the diamond at Hammons Field Friday but baseball was in the air.

As the St. Louis Cardinals caravan rolled through Springfield.

Pitchers Zack Thompson, Gordon Graceffo and outfielder Lars Nootbaar met with fans at Hammons Field.

And toured the children’s wings at both Mercy and Cox hospitals.

Nootbaar played in Springfield in 2019, and has been in the St. Louis outfield for the last season and a half.

He says 2023 will be a little different playing without Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina.

“For me the last two years with Yadie, and the past year with Albert, they were great guys. Great teammates, definitely going to miss them. We’ll see how the dynamic is. Obviously we bring in Willson (Contreras) so that will be a fun one. Can’t really anticipate what it’ll be like without them. But I’m sure we’ll adapt. Obviously we’ll miss them greatly, two hall of famers, first ballot guys. I’m just thankful I got to play with them,” said Nootbaar.