NIXA, Mo–It’s week nine of the high school football season.

And it’s the last week of the regular season.

Back in August we started our first and ten coverage in Nixa where the Eagles are loaded with talent.

We finish the regular season back at Eagle stadium where we find KOLR 10’s Chris Pinson.

Hey Dan, at the beginning of this season, coach John Perry and the Eagles knew they could create something special.

Well, coming into tonight’s backyard brawl they’re 8-0 ranked fourth in Class 6 and powered by a rushing attack that shows no mercy.

“If you are confident in what you do and in yourself you are going to play better, walk better, you’re going to walk with your chest bowed,” said Nixa coach John Perry.

Confidence is everything.

And without a blemish on their record nine weeks into the high school football season, the Nixa Eagles are soaring with it.

“A lot of people doubted us. I mean, they thought last year they had the best team, but this year we gave everyone a real run for their money and then we’ve just laid the wood every single game,” said Nixa running back Dylan Rebura.

Laying the wood is right.

The Eagles are thumping opponents by at least three touchdowns per contest, thanks to their 2-headed monster rushing attack of Malachi Rider and Dylan Rebura.

“Man it’s great. You just let one go until one gets tired then you throw the other one in there and the game plans the same because they are so similar. They both have a little wrestling background, their balance and coordination it’s fantastic. We’re blessed to have them,” said Perry.

The duo have combined for more than 1,700 yards and 29 touchdowns this fall.
Gladly sharing the glory.

“We’re big, we’re ready to come to play and I have a great runningback beside me and I’m not gonna have that next year, so pretty blessed to have him,” said Malachi Rider Nixa running back.

Rider came to Nixa from out of state, and quickly realized he made the right decision.

“Coming here I didn’t know what it was going to be like. I knew it was gonna be tough and I’d have to work for it but they weren’t lying when they said being a Nixa Eagle’s pretty cool so I’m having a great time,” said Rider.

Friday night, Rider will get his first and only taste of playing Ozark in the backyard brawl, and he’s eager to push Nixa’s winning streak to 6 in a row against the Tigers.

“Against Republic they gave us some good competition, so that was a really fun game. But if we keep on winning it’ll never get old. I like winning,” said Rider.

Truer words were never spoken, Dan.

This Eagles team just has that gleam in their eye that all great teams have no matter who they’re playing.

And with tonight being the last backyard brawl the seniors on this Nixa team will compete in, something tells me they’ll come out on fire & set the tone early.