NIXA, Mo., — For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

“It’s kind of like Christmas, so we’re excited to get started,” Nixa head coach John Perry said.

Week one of the high school football season has arrived in Missouri.

And it doesn’t get any better than this as Nixa travels to Webb City.

“The schedule didn’t do us any any good,” Perry said. “You know, we started off with Webb at Webb and then, you know, week three, you go to Carthage, you know, so I don’t know who drew that schedule, but it wasn’t a good day out. They didn’t go to the casino after that. Jobs they would have lost.”

“I know, well, I think it’s gonna be the best game of the year, even though it’s week one, but it’s going to be hype,” Nixa senior tight end Gaven Krans said.

The Eagles return a core group that went 8-3 last season.

“It excites me a lot,” Nixa senior wide receiver Kael Combs said. “You know, I know Ramone is pumped, I am pumped, Connor. You know, we just have a lot of people that, you know, played last year and the year before that, whatever. We have a lot of experience. I think that it’s going to be a good team.”

And they will get a big boost at running back as Ramone Green returns after missing most of last season with a collarbone injury.

“Oh, man, we’re super talented,” Perry said. “I mean obviously we get Ramone Green back. You can imagine, from a coaching standpoint, losing him last year was really tough. Having your starting quarterback back, having Kael back, having you know, the defensive guys that we have back is just exciting to have.”

Championships aren’t won in August, September or October, but the Eagles say game like the one they have tonight provides the blueprint on where they stand.

“We like it because it’s another one of our one of the top teams in our division, so it’ll give us a play where we’re at,” Combs said. “You know, I’m saying the first game had been pretty good.”

“We’re trying to win the last game of the year, which is November 26th, the class 6 state championship. And the way you do that is playing great folks, man. So like if you’re a competitor, you want to play the best man. So we’re fired up about getting the opportunity to go over there and play.”

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