SPRINGFIELD, Mo–Springfield Cardinals fans heard great news Wednesday.

The city of Springfield is planning on buying Hammons Field, thus insuring that the St. Louis Double AA affiliate remains in Springfield for the next 15 years.

That plan will still have to be approved by city council and a bankruptcy court.

The city of Springfield is spending $12 million dollars for not only the ballpark, but also adjacent parking lots.

Missouri State will also remain the college tenants of Hammons Field.

$4 million dollars will immediately go to upgrades in the ballpark that major league baseball requires.

The first thing that needs to happen is an upgrade in lighting.

The clubhouses will also be upgraded.

Josh Kinney played for the Springfield Cardinals and says it’s welcome news.

“You know you have to have the most updated facilities. And the tools to do your job and keep improving. And you want to be up to par with everyone else. So when you fall behind in this day and age on your facilities it’s not good,” said Kinney.