MURRAY, Ky–Lose one, gain at least two for now.

That’s the math the Missouri Valley Conference has been figuring out.

We knew that Loyola-Chicago is on the way out and Belmont is on the way in.

And Friday, the conference announced another addition, Murray State.

The Racers leaving the Ohio Valley Conference for the Valley this summer.

With an initiation date of July first.

They are joining in all sports except football and rifle.

But the Racers are in talks and expected to join the MVFC as well.

But maybe with a year delay.

As for Ja Morant U.

They have played the Bears at a somewhat frequent rate in most sports.

In men’s basketball they have played twice in the past four seasons.

And Bears head coach Dana Ford says, the new rivals of Belmont and Murray State, sure feel like old rivals

“I think both are long overdue. And it makes a lot of sense that they’re both going to be in our league. Belmont not only brings a program with recent history, but a great city like Nashville for our conference. And then Murray State, in my opinion, has been in the Valley for the last 15 years. So we just made it official today,” said Ford.