Mt. Vernon Is Back In The Semifinals For The First Time Since 1991


MOUNT VERNON, Mo–“Like on Monday, I had one come in first hour and was like coach I cannot believe we are in the semifinals,” said Tom Cox. 

For the first time since 1991, Mount Vernon is back in the state semifinals. 

“It’s crazy, it was a great win for us last week against Eldon, who we thought was a really good football team. We did well on defense, we got three big plays on offense and that was the big difference and we are excited to be going in week whatever it is, 14,” said Cox. 

“It’s amazing, especially our fans, obviously, love it. Full support. It’s great to know our senior class has been able to make an impact in this town,” said Andrew Montemayor. 

The Mountaineers finished the regular season on a 3 game losing streak, ending up with a 5-4 record. Losses that were vital in the teams progression to today. 

“Well I think one of the things we learned, that we learn every year is that the big 8 is pretty tough, but I think through all of that we learned that if we could take care of the football and stop the big play on defense, than we got a chance to win,” said coach Cox. 

“We learned just not to give up. We knew we could do better. We finally got our stuff together and played to our full ability,” said Montemayor. 

And now Mt. Vernon gears up for a final 4 showdown against 6-3 Lutheran South. 

“Oh their running game is really good but we are prepared. Eldon had a good run game but I think we are ready for it and we are excited to hit him hard,” said Montemayor. 

“Lutheran South is a different type of team that we’ve been playing recently. These teams that we’ve played in the last few weeks have been so run heavy. These guys are very balanced and so it is going to be very interesting to see how our defense responds to having to play both pass and run this week,” said coach Cox. 

And no matter how grueling the week of prep can be, coach Tom Cox is going to enjoy it cause he knows how rare these post season runs cans be. 

“It’s really kind of surreal, being here once before. We went to the finals in 1982 and that was really cool. One of the things I’ve really tried to do is to try and enjoy it a little bit more. I was so worried about winning back then That I didn’t get to enjoy it. Let the guys enjoy it, let the coaches enjoy it cause it means a lot,” said coach Cox. 

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