SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Missouri State Bears will kick off the new football season Friday Night in Lawrence against the Kansas Jayhawks.

And the bears will take the field with a new quarterback running the offense.

The question is which one.

Bears boss ryan beard said that both jacob clark and jordan pa-show will get reps at quarterback.

Beard doesn’t look at it as a problem, he sees it as an opportunity.

Both q-b’s bring something different to the game.

And that’s something he’d like to exploit in lawrence.

As for the receiver corps, they don’t have any favorites either.

“We just know that both of them are going to come in and play. Whoever plays, as a receiver group, we know that we have to do our jobs first. It’s our job to block. It’s our job to know the plays. And just be there for whoever is in the game. They’re both young and haven’t played a lot. So we know we have to be there and step up for them. Whatever is needed. Just get us the ball, that’s fine. Just being able to get us the ball when you need to. We trust both of them,” said Bears receiver Raylen Sharpe.