SPRINGFIELD– If you looked out your window Sunday, it probably took about half a second before you shut your blinds and went back to bed. But the Bears baseball team didn’t have that luxury.

So they had to play their series finale against Central Arkansas on one of the gloomiest days this winter. But with Hayden Minton on the hill, ya gotta like MSU’s chances to earn their first sweep of the season.

And from the jump, Minton was money. Strikes out Dylan Cyr with a nasty breaking ball. But he wasn’t the only hitter looking foolish on that pitch.

Top 3, Tanner Leonard couldn’t hit that from either side of the plate. Nine k’s for Minton in six scoreless innings of work. Bears fans hope that’s a sign of things to come this year.

But a great pitcher’s only as good as his defense and that’s why Spencer Nivens was minton’s favorite teammate Sunday. He tracks down the deep fly in center to keep things scoreless.

Bottom of the frame, time for some offense. Nick Rodriguez trying to go opposite field…Ring the bell! The solo shot is his third homer of the season. 1-0 MO-STATE.

You know what good ball clubs do, they bring home runners with 2 outs, which is exactly what senior Mason Hull does here in the fifth. His single to right scores Nivens from 2nd as the Bears win back-to-back pitchers duel’s to sweep Central Arkansas.