MT. VERNON, Mo. — The winning has returned to Mt. Vernon.

“It was very difficult because of all the losses and we didn’t just work as a team most of the time,” Mt. Vernon senior Ny Wells said.

Last year the Mountaineers went 0-10 in the regular season.

“We just put in more work and we wanted to win this season,” Mt. Vernon senior Clayton Turner said. “We didn’t want to have another season like last year.”

They climbed out of that hole in a hurry. They are 6-2 going into the 2022 finale.

“I started realizing it after our Aurora game,” Wells said. “I was a game game and I was like, okay, we’re going to need some dogs here.”

“I think we’ve progressed well and we just we want to be playing our best football at this time of the year,” Mt. Vernon head coach Tom Cox said. “So far we’ve done that. But Reeds Spring may have something to say about that.”

They did that as a class 2 school playing five teams in class 4 and Reeds Spring will be the second class 3 school.

“Playing up two classes, it’s been tough for us and we’ve lost two of those, but I think it’s prepared us for just the grind as we get down the stretch now,” Cox said.

The game against the Wolves will close out the regular season in a big way, a rivalry game in the Big 8 conference.

“It’s like the attitude they give us they just don’t like it,” Turner said.

With an eastern conference title on the line.

“It means a lot. I just love this town and the people that are in this, they help me and I play for them,” Turner said.

“I know that would be amazing. I would going crazy,” Wells said.

And the future might be even brighter for the Mountaineers. They field a healthy mixture of sophomores, including starting quarterback Gavin Johnston, with 11 seniors.

“We do play some some seniors that are really been really been great,” Cox said. “But yes, we still got a lot of sophomores playing and some junior sprinkled in there as well. We like our team, win or lose. Whatever happens, we’ve got good kids here at Mt. Vernon and guys that work hard and play hard.”

At the end of the day…

“We just want to keep keep climbing,” Cox said. “That’s kind of our theme on the back of our t shirts and stuff. It says climb. And so as mountaineers we’re continuing to climb.”