SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The regular season is quickly coming to a close for Missouri State basketball.

In our Bear Nation report, Dana Ford’s troops have five games left after Wednesday night’s battle with Belmont.

The Bruins are in a first place tie in the conference.

The Bears tipped off the game two games back.

This is the first time Belmont has played in Springfield.

And this was tight the whole way, Kendle Moore was hot early this three ties the game at seven.

Cade Tyson gives Belmont the lead with this jumper it was 32-28 Bruins.

End of the first half, Jonathan Mogbo with the dunk and Missouri State led by two at the half.

Second half, Belmont with the dish inside to Tyson for the dunk, it’s 49-48 Bruins.

Missouri State pulls back in front, Donovan Clay from the outside, a three to make it 55-53 Bears.

Then Clay inside for the slam dunk, he finished with 18 points 57-55.

Less than 30 seconds left, tied at 59, Clay passes to Mogbo for the slam dunk, Bears in front 61-59.

1.7 seconds left, Belmont with the inbounds, but Mogbo gets a hand on it, the Bears win 61-59.

Mogbo had a career high 19 rebounds in the win.

“If we’re disciplined, physical, tough and aggressive we’re going to win the game. If we’re undisciplined. And I’m going to just say it if we’re undisciplined and soft. We’re going to lose the game. And when we’re disciplined and physical, tough and aggressive, we’re good enough. The problem is we’re not always that,” said Ford.