SPRINGFIELD, Mo–For almost 30 years Jerald Andrews has handed out plaques to Missouri Sports Hall of Fame inductees, checks to aspiring pro golfers and countless childrens charities.
Tuesday night, the Springfield sports community gathered to say thanks to the retiring Missouri Sports Hall of Fame CEO and Price Cutter Charity Championship director.

The Hall of Fame inducted Jerald Andrews as well as presented him the Presidents Sward and named him a Missouri sports legend.

Andrews presided over 27 Hall of Fame enshirements and honored more than 1,200 inductees.

“Yea I think if there’s one theme that’s been constant and that people really talk about is how many people have you made happy? And when you pause a think a bit about that it does get pleasing. And I’m glad we were able to do that. I wouldn’t be here today with John Q. Hammons. The Hall of Fame would not be here today without John Q. The Price Cutter Charity Championship would not have given away $18.5 milliion dollars without John Q. Hammons. He’s the reason all of this exists. I’m going to challenge the people here tonight to never forget John Q. Hammons,” said Andrews.