COLUMBIA, Mo–The Missouri State Bears wrapped up their road trip in Columbia Tuesday night.

Keith Guttin’s troops facing Mizzou and looking for revenge.

The Tigers beat Mo State last week at Hammons Field.

Mizzou has won six of the last ten played against the Bears.

And this was a wild game, it’s 1-1 in the fourth when Anthony Socci takes this deep to left, over the boards for a two run homer it’s 3-1 Missouri State.

Mizzou answers in the bottom of the fourth, first, Dylan Leach takes this deep to right, it’s gone, a two run shot, we’re tied at three.

Next batter is Carlos Pena, he takes this to left center, it’s gone, back to back jacks and the Tigers are in front 4-3.

It’s 5-4 Mizzou in the sixth when Socci doubles into the left field corner, Cody Kelly scores it’s 5-5.

It was 6-6 in the bottom of the ninth, when Leach shoots the gap in left center, that scores Trevor Austin, and Mizzou sweeps the series against Mo State winning 7-6.