SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Springfield Cardinals are off Monday night, but will open a six game homestand Tuesday night against Corpus Christi.

The baby birds are coming off a victory Sunday at Midland.

Michael McGreevy started that game and is 2-1 since being promoted to Double AA at the end of May.

KOLR 10’s Dan Lindblad catches up with last year’s first round draft pick.

Oh, how much your life can change in just 365 days.

“It’s been one hell of a ride, to say the least. I mean, a year ago today, I was pitching in the Arizona Regional in Tucson with my boys from Santa Barbara, And then next thing I know, I’m in AA a year later, it’s kind of surreal,” said McGreevy.

The Cardinals picked McGreevy in the first round of the 2021 MLB draft. The first from his family to play professional baseball.

“They’re beyond proud. Beyond stoked. I mean, I wouldn’t be here without them. I’m blessed to have an amazing family. I, I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing family.”

His welcome, we’ll consider it a warm one.

“In spring training I was going against Aranado and Carlson, Nootbaar, Sosa, Harrison Bader in like that live at-bats. And the pitching coach goes, Hey, McGreevy you are on field two. We have some pro guys, I’m like sweet, cool! And then it’s Nolan Arenado and stuff like that. It’s like the Cardinals like 1-5 hitters. Yeah, no like triple-A guys or anything it was a starting lineup so that was pretty cool.”

After eight starts in Peoria, McGreevy got the call to pack up and head to Springfield. His first start came on the road in Tulsa, where the welcome was not so warm.

“Those guys could really hit, and it was also just kind of welcome to AA moment where I didn’t have any of my stuff. And good hitters do a good hitters do, and they punish mistakes. And it was kind of like, OK, like we’re higher level now.”

But the bounce back was exemplary. His two starts since, he has tallied 12 strikeouts and picked up a pair of wins.

“My grandparents were here. They drove out all the way from Palm Springs, California, to watch. So maybe that was a good luck charm. My dad texted me after he’s like, does it feel like some weight has been lifted? Like, yeah, it is good to finally get a good one in there, even though it’s only been two starts in AA. And it was nice to kind of, in a way, prove myself to the new guys.”

He’s currently the top right-handed pitching prospect in the Cardinals organization and eighth overall. That number is nice, but there are more important ones in his mind.

“I think at the end of day, we’re all just kids just playing a kids game. It’s fun to think about it every now and then. But at the end of the day, we’re still just playing baseball. It’s about going out there competing and doing your best and trying to get a win for the team.”

In Springfield, Dan Lindblad OzarksFirst.