Being a new head coach has it’s pros and cons. On one hand, you generally get a warm reception from fans and a vote of confidence by the top brass.

On the other, you haven’t proven anything yet, so you’re kinda stuck somewhere between David and Goliath. But one way to win more affection from supporters is to officially resurrect beloved traditions, like the annual spring football game. Which is exactly what Ryan Beard wisely did Saturday.

However, mother nature delayed the start of the contest by almost an hour thanks to dumping rain and hail on Plaster Stadium.
But after all that, we finally got our first look at Ole Miss transfer Eric Cade, better known as "Big E" to the team. And at 6'6, 345 pounds, you can see why.

There was also a quarterback competition to settle between returners Jacob Clark and Jordan Pachot. Pachot led the maroon against Clark and the white team.

Pachot only threw one pass on maroon's opening series, and this high ball got Jamarea Robinson leveled! Teammate or not, Dwight Jacobs jr. Setting the tone early.

On the flip side, Clark was 2-2 on his first series, but next possession, he gets Duvante Key smoked by Caleb Blake. Maroon would induce a safety on the drive to lead 2-0. 

But by the start of the 2nd quarter, both gun slingers were warmed up. As were their receivers. Liam O'Reilly with the full extension! Now that's how you earn a starting spot on Saturdays!

Later in the period, Key shows off his concentration and awareness for the sideline. That great grab put white in maroon's redzone.

Very next play, Clark goes for the endzone...Hunter Wood comes away with it. First touchdown of the day. That deserves a celebration dance.

But right before halftime, maroon answers with 6 of their own. In spite of me getting fooled on the play action and losing 

Jacardia Wright. Wright finds paydirt as men in maroon get bragging rights for the summer winning this game 37-17.