KANSAS CITY, Mo–The Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers will kick off week 16 Sunday at 3:25 p.m. You can see that game on KOLR 10.

The question is who will be on the field in red and gold?

Earlier this week 13 Chiefs tested positive for Covid-19.

Some of those players are clearing protocols and returning to practice. Charvarius Ward and Chris Jones returned Thursday.

A for whether Nick Bolton, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill be cleared before kickoff, no one knows for sure.

Patrick Mahomes says that just because those starters haven’t practiced this week doesn’t mean they won’t play if they get cleared at the last second.

“Those guys have gotten a lot of reps with me,” Mahomes said. “Within this offense and this league. Obviously it’s a real complex defense that we’re facing. But they’ve played it a couple of times even before I was here. For me as long as they’re healthy and safe and have passed the protocols and they’re back. We’ll throw them right back in the offense. And they’ll be able to take on the roles that they always have.”