KANSAS CITY, Mo–It’s safe to say, Patrick Mahomes right ankle is probably the most scrutinized appendage in all of sports.

At least this week.

And Wednesday the media got a chance to see how the Chiefs quarterback was moving around on it.

The early part of Kansas City’s indoor practice was open to reporters and videographers.

All eyes watching Mahomes stroll around in warm ups.

Of course, the biggest test will be Sunday evening when Mahomes is planting, cutting and throwing off that right ankle.

Mahomes will play against the Bengals in the AFC Championship game.

It’s one team that he’s never beaten.

“It’s doing good you know. A few days of treatment, a few days of rehab. I’m excited to get on the practice field and test it out. And see where I’m at but it feels good so far. I haven’t got to practice yet and put myself in those positions. I’ve done limited stuff in a small box of what I can do. But I’ll push it a little bit today. And then the next day, and the next day again. See what I can do to not reaggravate the injury obviously. But to push it to see what I can do on Sunday,” said Mahomes.