Mahomes for president? KC metro voters write in Chiefs QB for 2020 election


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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An unusual election just got a little weirder. Or maybe not.

An unspecified share of metro voters decided not to vote for any of the party candidates this election, opting instead for Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. Clay County voting officials confirmed the write-in votes.

Voting officials in Clay and Jackson counties did not specify exactly how many ballots Mahomes received.

It’s unlikely those votes would have made the difference. Voters in both Kansas and Missouri clearly chose Republican incumbent President Donald Trump as their electoral pick. The president got nearly 57% of the vote in both states. The difference was nearly half-a-million votes in Missouri alone with 99% reporting.

When told about the write-in votes, Mahomes couldn’t help but crack a smile.

“Funny getting written in, but that’s not anywhere where I’m thinking right now,” Mahomes said in a news conference on Wednesday, Nov. 4. “Maybe later on, I’ll think of a slogan or something like that.”

Unfortunately, Mahomes couldn’t become president even if he got the votes. You have to be at least 35 years old to be eligable. Mahomes is 25.

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