96.9 “The Jock” has officially retooled their starting lineup for on-air talent.

Listeners will hear a combination of familiar and new voices headlining their morning and afternoon drive shows.

“First of all it’s a little bit nerve wracking. They’re giant shoes to fill.”

For more than two decades, faithful listeners of “The Jock” tuned in each weekday afternoon to hear Art Hains host “Sports Talk.”

But in the wake of Hains’ lengthy recovery from West Nile Virus, the radio station’s given a new duo the chance to voice their opinions over the airwaves.

“We’re hoping just to kinda sit in for him until he gets back,” said Tom Ladd.

Tom Ladd, voice of the Lady Bears, and Logan Weber now grace the mic as part of The Jock’s lineup changes from 4-6 pm.

“You can’t replace Art. No doubt about that. I was his backup for maybe 15 years before, that was tough! But I’m honored to do it because he’s a great friend of mine.”

“Continuing this legacy that Art has built, not only with the show itself, but the kind of person that he was. What I hope I can continue to do with this show, Tom and I, is make this show reliable day in and day out,” said Logan Weber.

The tandem made their official debut Monday, and despite their age difference the chemistry is already there.

“I’m old enough to be older than his dad, I think. I think I am older than his dad,” said Ladd.

“When we have segment ideas and things like that, he’s always willing to hear me out, listen to what I have to say and contest it,” said Weber.

As for the morning drive slot, from 7-9 am, the station turned back the clock to reunite familiar cohosts.

Scott Puryear and Ned Reynolds first teamed up in 2000 for an 11-year run.

“Ned and I have had a great relationship going back to when I was a college intern for him in the early 80s. The relationship is there, the comradery, and the rapport, and it’s fun to kinda rekindle that on air,” said Scott Puryear.

“It’s a no brainer because we started this thing back in 2001 and had a good long run. We knew it was gonna work well and needed to happen again and when the opportunity presented itself, bingo, we’re on,” said Ned Reynolds.