SPRINGFIELD– As a new resident of the “Show Me” state, y’all weren’t lying when you told me how bipolar the weather can be. But if there’s anything better than 60 degree days in February, it’s the thought of bears baseball taking place during those afternoons.

Great minds definitely think alike because there was quite the turnout for the Bears “First Pitch” fundraiser at Hammons Field on Saturday.

Between MSU’S current roster, Springfield residents, and even former maroon and white MLB star Jake Burger, the place was packed with folks surveying all the various items available for silent auction.

Everything from commemorative bricks, tumblers, bobble heads, bats and in between was availble for the public to bid on to help the team pay for all the expenses of the upcoming season.

As someone who remembers these days and the community support, Burger was more than happy to be apart of a great tradition.