SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Missouri State Bears dropped in the national polls Monday, but stayed in the FCS Top 10.

This after losing to number two South Dakota State Saturday.

The Bears are seventh in the STATS poll, and ninth in the FCS coaches poll.

Missouri State’s Bobby Petrino talks about bouncing back as we go one on one.

Dan Lucy:”Coach disappointing loss to South Dakota State. Had it 14-14 in the fourth quarter but just couldn’t stop the Jackrabbits in the fourth quarter.”

Bobby Petrino/Missouri State Coach:”Yea we didn’t start fast offensively and that really hurt us. Our defense kept us in the game at halftime it was 7 to nothing. I was excited about how we played offensively in the third quarter. The one interception kind of hurt us there. But we got right back in the game 14-14 with the ball to start the fourth quarter. But just weren’t able to finish it.”

Lucy:”They won 28-14. Jason Shelley is human. He’s not an automatic robot. A couple of interceptions and that one at the beginning of the third quarter was a back breaker.”

Petrino:”Yea, he competed hard. We didnt’ execute the way we normally do as an offense. It wasn’t just Jason Shelley is was the entire offense. We did run the ball pretty well in the third quarter. We moved him around and got the ball down in the endzone. The one interception on the first drive of the third quarter really hurt us. He would normally just give that ball to Naveon Mitchell in the flat and let him run in there. Something spooked him off of it.”

Lucy:”And South Dakota State is a pretty good defensive team as well. They were really challenging the entire game. So can’t hang the heads though. The Missouri Valley Football Conference has just started, that was the first game. And there’s plenty of work for the Bears to do.”

Petrino:”Yea they’re a really good football team. They’re second in the country right now and have really good players. And they’re very well coached. We need to rebound and comeback and get ready for North Dakota on the road in a tough environment to play in. Every week is a battle in this conference.”

Lucy:”North Dakota, 2-and-2, a team that the Bears have won against in the games played here, haven’t beaten them up there. Just talk a little bit about that team and what do you need to do to win?”

Petrino:”They do a good job offensively of moving the ball. They do a lot of different trick plays. And you have to have really good disciplined eyes, run full speed, and tackle well. Defensively, its a unique style. They bring pressure from anywhere and everywhere and mix it all up. So we have to be on clue on what they’re doing. What they’re showing. And how they’re going to do it. I thought we did a really good job of doing that last year when we played them here. And not so good in the playoff game when we played them up there.”

Lucy:”So we’ll see what happens, that game is at noon Saturday in Grand Forks. Thanks coach.

Petrino:”Thank you.”