You ever go to a concert or play that was so amazing you cheered your head off for an encore? Well that’s how Bear Nation felt Thursday, after watching MO-State hit six home runs against Belmont.

So...What would Coach Gutton's group do for their follow up act Friday? How about adding another slash to the win column.

And that charge was led by Hayden Minton. Who struck out a pair in the 3rd and didn't allow a single hit until the 4th.

Speaking of the 4th inning, it's still scoreless until Cody Kelly decides to put the weight room to good use. I don't know where that ball landed, but it might've found somebody's windshield. Bears up 3-zip.

Top 6, Minton gets in trouble. Blake Barton hits one toward the right field fence, Zach Stewart can't make the catch. He'd be shaken up on the play but remain in the game, as the rbi triple cut the Bruins deficit to 4-1.

Bottom 8, same score, Mason Hull, who cranked 2-home runs Thursday delivers an rbi double to left for some insurance.
Minton goes the distance to collect MSU's first complete game of the season, as the Bears win their 8th consecutive conference contest.