OMAHA, Ne–Arkansas and Auburn are not strangers.

They play each other every season, and Tuesday night they squared off for the 100th time in their history.

Arkansas leads the all-time series 50 games to 49.

To add more drama Tuesday night’s game is an elimination game at the College World Series, the season is over for the loser.

And it was all Razorbacks, 1-0 in the third when Chris Lanzilli singles to right, Peyton Stovall scores it’s 2-0.

Later in that third, Robert Moore whips this into the left field corner, Michael Turner and Lanzilli both score it’s 4-0.

Will McEntire was throwing b-b’s for the Razorbacks, he strikes out Mike Bello, one of his nine in seven innings.

Arkansas gives him more offense in the fourth, two on for Turner, he hammers this to right, bounces high off the boards Braydon Webb and Stovall both score it’s 6-0.

Then Lanzilli follows with a two run blast to left, 8-nothing, and Arkansas survives to play another game, beating Auburn 11-1.

Arkansas will play Ole Miss Wednesday night.