SPRINGFIELD, Mo–If you want a break from your last minute Christmas shopping, you might want to swing by JQH Arena Tuesday for a lunchbreak.

In our Bear Nation report, the Lady Bears will host Toledo in an 11 o’clock in the morning tipoff.

It’s not only going to be the last non-conference game of the season.

It’s also going to be elementary school day at the Q.

That means hundreds of kids on a field trip, right before Christmas.

Energy should not be an issue in the arena Tuesday afternoon.

The 8-2 Lady Bears roll into the game winners of four straight.

Toledo is 6-2.

“We had a couple of morning games in Puerto Rico. So we know we have to be up and amped for those types of games. But hopefully the children will be on our side screaming. We know it’ll be a loud environment. And just feeding off their energy. We’ve had a little bit of role changes especially offensively. We’re still putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The last game against Mizzou was probably our best game overall together. And just feeding off that we know what we’re capable of now. And just continue to grow off that,” said Lady Bear Guard Brice Calip.