SPRINGFIELD– “With great power comes great responsibility” is the iconic line from Spiderman, and thankfully, a couple local legends from Kickapoo High School took those wise words to heart and put them into action.

Chiefs alum Anthony Tolliver and Steve Warren joined forces today to host a youth football and basketball camp at the Betty and Bobby Allison Sportstown.

“From the Field to the Court” Camp brought together dozens of kids from the Springfield area to provide an educational outlet for both athletics and life. Something both figure heads are well versed in.

Tolliver spent 13 seasons in the NBA from 2008 to 2021. Playing for 11 different teams in that span – 6th most in league history.

While Warren was a 3rd round draft pick for the Green Bay Packers, Playing defensive tackle in title town from 2000-2002.

The two Springfield natives never forgot their roots or how impactful giving back and being positive role models for tomorrow’s stars really is.

“Anthony Tolliver and I grew up together,” said former Green Bay Packer Steve Warren. “We’ve known each other for a long time. Our families have known each other for a long time, this is home…So that’s what it was about, getting back together and doing something for the community and for the family. Biggest thing today is like I told them, nobody is going pro today. But everybody can get better today. Everybody can have fun today and learn today. So that’s what it’s about for us, getting better, learning, having fun, and giving back.”