SPRINGFIELD, Mo–It takes a lot of dedication and fortitude to stick to your dream.

Especially if you’re a professional bowler.

PBA events are a two week-long marathon.

Keven Williams has been knocking down pins for seven years now.

And last month his dream finally came true.

Being a professional bowler is one thing, to be a PBA champion is another.

“There are times that you want to give up. And you want to quit but you stay the course and just keep going,” said Keven Williams.

Then the moment finally arrives.

Williams:”You can’t write it up better. To get up in the tenth, and I need two strikes and a nine to win.”

“Needs a nine to win, and he wins..”

Williams:”To get up there in that moment and make it happen is awesome.”

In mid-March, Keven Williams won the PBA’s Shark Championship in Milwaukee.

The seven-year pro became Springfield’s first bowler to win a major PBA event.

“He started when he was nine years old out here. He was shooting 250’s when the rest of the kids where throwing 150’s. He was already good then,” said Enterprise Park Lanes owner Steve Wiemer.

To navigate the grueling world of professional bowling, Keven needed a mentor.

And in stepped fellow Springfield bowler Casey Murphy.

“I don’t now what he saw in me. But I can’t give that guy enough credit. He was a father figure to me when I didn’t have much guidance in my life,” said Williams.

“When he came along and I saw the champion in him. I knew it was about as sure a bet as you get. And sure enough it’s paid off. It makes me proud. Mostly on him. He’s come so far that he’s built on his opportunities. And now he’s a PBA champion and recognized around the world,” said Murphy.

But that’s only half of Keven’s story.

If you ask Keven, pro bowling is his side gig.

He’s also a successful hip hop artist with a youtube page full of music.

Williams:”Some people may not want to hear this because they’re a bowling fan. But Keven wants to be Keven the artist. Because I feel I was born to entertain and be in front of people and music is that.”

Wiemer:”Not being a huge hip hop fan, I’m sure he’s very good…I watch him throw a bowling ball, I know he’s a very good at that.”

Keven Williams is also a state champion.

Before he turned pro, Keven won a state championship with the Glendale Falcons high school bowling team.