SPRINGFIELD, Mo–Negro League baseball continues to celebrate it’s 100th anniversary.

And Sunday the president of the Negro League Museum in Kansas City was in Springfield to talk about the league and it’s rich history.

Bob Kendrick spoke at the Timmons Hall Day festivities.

And talked about Springfield’s own Kansas City Monarch Herman “Doc” Horn Junior.

He played a number of different sports while growing up in Springfield but excelled at baseball.

And in 1949 he made the Kansas City Monarchs and played for manager Buck O’Neil.

“And he was very proud of his roots in Springfield. And it meant something to be a Kansas City Monarch. Because we’re talking about one of the greatest baseball franchises, not in black baseball history, but in baseball history. So he was very proud to have played for the Monarchs. To have his manager be the great Buck O’Neil. And the joy that baseball brought him. He was a tremendous athlete here. He could have had an opportunity I think potentially to get to the major leagues but he got called into service,” said Kendrick.