ST. JOSEPH, Mo–The Kansas City Chiefs continued their training camp practices in St. Joseph Thursday.

Joining the team was newly signed free agent defensive end Carlos Dunlap.

He’s been in the league for a dozen years.

Welcoming Dunlap was another long-in-the-tooth veteran Travis Kelce.

And the tight end is having a blast in camp.

Training camp in steamy St. Joe is Travis Kelce’s favorite time of the year.

“I always look forward to the first day here because it’s always starts the new journey,” said Kelce.

And what a journey it’s been for the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

Kelce is celebrating a decade in red and gold.

And all ten years have been with his coach and mentor Andy Reid.

Kelce:”He makes the game fun. He makes the game easy on all of us. And on top of that we know he’s giving it his all….He’s doing everything he can to set us up for success. I’m very appreciative of that.”

“He’s a great kid. He has a big heart, he always had that. And he loves to play the game. And he’s grown up just a ton. I’m proud of him the way he handles himself today,” said Reid.

Back in the day, Kelce was a wild card, raw talent, but undisciplined.

Reid:”He came here when we came here. I knew him because of his brother. Great family. He was a little wilder then his brother. Right a little wilder.”

Kelce:”My brother has way more of anger mangement then I do. I like to enjoy myself a little bit more. We both have different wild sides to us.”

Kelce’s played in 127 games in his decade in K.C.

He’s caught 57 touchdowns.

He’s gained more than a thousand yards in each of the last five seasons.

And Kelce’s the fastest tight end in NFL history to reach 500 receptions.

The Chiefs reworked his contract to give the 32-year old a $3 million dollar raise.

“I’m extremely appreciative of it. That they would even think about it, or put something together. It’s just another reason why I co out here and play my tail off for this city and this organization,” said Kelce.

The 6-foot-five, 250 pound veteran is getting a jolt of energy from the young kids surrounding him in St. Joe.

“I love what I’m seeing. I love what I’m seeing because they’re all working their tails off. And we’re having success in getting in synch with the quarterbacks. And it’s not just the new faces Valquez and JuJu. It’s everyone in the second and third groups who are coming along. Same in the tight end room. You just see guys elevating their game. It’s just been fun to watch,” said Kelce.

While some of his teammates have left the Chiefs for other opportunities, Kelce could not be any more clear on where his future lies.

“I don’t plan on playing anywhere else brother. I hope the Chiefs have that in mind too,” said Kelce.