‘Keep the faith’: Chiefs fans’ confidence unshaken after close win over the Panthers


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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An absolute nail biter over the weekend came down to a missed 67 yard field goal that would have set an NFL record. 

“They just like to keep us on the edge of our seat for a little bit,” Kelly Lambert, manager of Martin City Brewing Company, said.

It took all 60 minutes to decide a winner in the Chiefs game against the Panthers. Fans at Martin City’s tailgate party were on the edge of their seat for every second of it.

“I mean, it wasn’t so much so screaming, but more of actually just being able to exhale at that point,” Chiefs fan Ryan Flynn said about the final outcome of the game.

Matthew Griffin, another fan at the tailgate, said he was confident that Panthers kicker Joey Slye would miss the game winning field goal.

“You know, I didn’t think I was going to witness history today unless it was Pat Mahomes getting his 100th touchdown in 40 games, so I felt good,” Griffin said.

Although it took every second of the 60 minutes in this game to beat the 3 and 6 Carolina Panthers, fans said they are encouraged by today’s win. 

“It feels good because I feel like, especially during those first 2 quarters, people were kind of like ‘Ehhh, uhhh.’ And as my shirt says, I kept saying it over and over again, keep the faith. So just keep the faith, and we’ll pull it out. We always do,” Lambert said.

Last year’s playoff run taught Ryan Flynn to never doubt the Chiefs.

“We were down 24 points in the playoffs, came back and won.”

The Chiefs have a bye week this week. Next, they will face the Raiders, whom they lost to earlier this season.

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