SPRINGFIELD, Mo–High school baseball district play will start this weekend for the smaller schools.

And one of those teams taking the field will be the Greenwood Blue Jays.

As ozarks firsts’ Dan Lindblad reports, the Jays have already flown past expectations in this their inaugural season.

The experience hasn’t been there.

“I played until the end of sixth grade and then I stopped.”

“I played in probably like kindergarten through second grade maybe”

The equipment hasn’t been there.

“The Springfield Cardinals donated some equipment for us. So we had to get four players baseball gloves. And so we’re thankful for that. Missouri State is giving us some equipment to help us out in the situations so that those guys aren’t going out and buying their own glove.”

Even the coaching staff hasn’t been there, Chris Adams and crew taking over in February.

“A lot of it happened so fast and it turned out okay.”

But somehow, it’s working for the Greenwood Blue Jays.

Finding players in hallways, classrooms and other sports,

“They didn’t have enough players on the team. And, uh, Coach Adams, he’s my anatomy teacher. He knows I like number five, and that’s always my number. So he he always says, you know, five is still available for you, and he just did every day in class.”

Greenwood fielded its first baseball team this spring.

“We wanted to make it a philosophy that just fun. Yeah, everything’s going to be fun, whether it’s a trivia contest, whether it’s you know, just learning the superstitions of the game, that step on the white line and things like that.”

“It’s so much fun. And our coaches are amazing being here with everyone. They just they just make it really fun. For all of us. And enjoyable.”

As the games went on, the fun turned to wins. Now Greenwood has locked in a winning season. And a second place finish in class 1 district 4.

“People said that we’re not supposed to win. And of course, new first programs are supposed to win. And the fact that we have a chance to compete for district championship this year and even move on to make it further in the state tournament, it’s pretty amazing.”

And now find themselves two wins away from the state tournament.

“there’s already four baseballs in the trophy case. The first hit, the first win, the first home run, I think the first out is even in there. We’re celebrating all of that and hopefully we can put a couple more baseballs in the trophy case.”

In Springfield, Dan Lindblad OzarksFirst.