Glendale QB Alex Huston Begins Senior Season


SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Glendale offense is fast-paced, frantic, and explosive.  But the young man in charge of it… is about as laid back as it gets.

“I don’t know if I really have a favorite movie, probably one of my favorite movies is Step Brothers, for like a comedies or something funny. I don’t really watch TV, I guess the only thing we really have on at our house is SportsCenter,” said Alex Huston. 

Alex Huston is about to start his senior year as the Falcons starting quarterback.

“I’m excited to get going, I am excited to play. After the jamboree, I’m just ready to go now. It’s here,” said Huston.

While he may be calm, there’s nothing cool about the stats he’s collected. How’s 145 Touchdowns and 11,739 yards sound heading into your senior year.

“I don’t think there are any limits on how far he can go,” said coach Mike Mauk.

Huston led Glendale to the Class 5 state quarterfinals last year, throwing for a state record 6,131 yards and 76 TD’s. Yeah, his numbers are prolific, and it’s why he landed on’s 1st team All-American list.

“He’s real competitve, he’s got a real strong active arm. He gets rid of the ball quick. He see’s up field really well. He has a quick release and he can make all the throws. There is not a throw he can’t make and you’ve seen that over that last couple years of him playing for us,” said Mauk.

“It gets our fans excited and stuff like that seeing us put up a lot of points. It’s a great atmosphere because it brings more people to watch, cause they want to see what we do,” said Huston.

So while the rest of us will surely be speculating just how far this young talent will go in a year, you won’t find #7 looking past tonight.

“I haven’t really looked at that very much. Right now I am just trying to focus on game one, week one against Joplin,” said Huston.

In Springfield, Megan Rice, KOLR 10 Sports, Ozarks First.

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