SPRINGFIELD–Is it just me or does March feel like it’s already a whole year behind us? Cuz that’s when we found out Springfield would be the first of four cities to house a team for the new Arena League debuting next year.

In the five months since then, we’ve also learned the identity of the team’s owner, local business man, Mark Burgess, and the name of said squad – the Ozark Lunkers. Kinda funky, but it’s growing on me.

And now, we have a third announcement – the Lunkers have hired another local face as their general manager, Caleb Scott. I got the chance to sit down with scott this afternoon and find out why this opportunity is the catch of a lifetime.

CHRIS PINSON: So Caleb, first and foremost, congratulations on your new role with the Ozark Lunkers. Now, doing my homework I saw that you’re from town. You went to New Covenant Academy, played for Southwest Baptist, and of course, you were the owner of Queen City Asylum. So why is football the sport you have so much passion for and how is that gonna reflect in your new role as GM of the Ozark Lunkers?

CALEB SCOTT: I fell in love with the principles that paralell between football and life. I made a lot of life long relationships with friends that I still talk to this day. That was all done through the game of football. I was fortunate enough to have guys that played with me and for me that were dominant athletes. I mean really, D1, guys local, guys that came from different parts of the country. So, one, I already start with a list of athletes that I can call that are very talented and deserve to play and get paid for it. Also, it’s given me the ability to learn how to manage those personalities already so really the transition is the same level of excellence you’re looking to participate in, now we have adequate resources.

PINSON: Since we’re so far out, what can you tell the fans they can look forward to the most?

SCOTT: It is high scoring, it’s up close, it’s fast. It changes offensive styles, you get to see guys represent their offensive abilities, their defensive abilities, their football IQ. There’s so many unique differences that the NFL is so strict on that the Arena League is gonna invite for the fans to see.