Making a trade in fantasy football can be the key to pushing a good team over the top and making them a great team! It’s week 8, and at this point, you may be looking to make some moves.

Before you go trading away all your players for a bag of half-eaten candy corn, we have some things you need to keep in mind! In this episode, Host Jesse Inman breaks down 13 tips to make your trade process as successful as possible.

Some questions are answered, such as:

  • How to find the right trade partner?
  • How to engage in trade talks from the start?
  • Why no player on your team should be off limits?
  • Why a “veto” to another teams trade is a bad practice
  • Keys to negotiating player value
  • When not to trade?

With week 8, only two teams are on a bye (Baltimore Ravens and Las Vegas Raiders). This week’s episode does not feature waiver wire advice, but Jesse throws out a couple of names if you are missing a Tight End due to bye.

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