SPRINGFIELD, Mo–It’s back to football for the Evangel Valor.

And it’s back on the road.

Chuck Hepola’s Valor had last week off as it moves toward the second half of the Heart of America schedule.

And the second half is the most important.

That’s because Evangel will play teams in the south division, and the winner of the south gets an automatic bid to the NAIA playoffs.

So think of this second half as a mini five-game season.

3-3 Evangel will go to 3-3 Missouri Valley on Saturday.

Hepola’s Valor got a chance to heal up their bumps and bruises and correct mistakes as they had into south division play.

“It’s almost like every game’s a playoff. And that’s the truth because you’re wanting to win the conference. And you’re wanting to be in at least the top 20, not the top 25. You have to be in the top 20 to make the playoffs. Because you can win the conference and not be in the top 20 and not be in the playoffs. So obviously it’s really important. And it’s really important how you play. How well you play. And get out there and hopefully you can dominate the teams,” said Hepola.