Dylan Bekemeier Leads Crusaders In Two Sports


SPRINGFIELD, Mo–“I get asked that question a lot, which one do you like better, and usually the way I answer it is, I don’t have to run as much in golf. So that’s how I usually answer it,” said Bekemeier. 

Dylan averaged over 15 points as a senior, earning him a Heart of America honorable mention. And now he hits the links looking for a conference title in golf. 

“He’s a competitor, and he’s a great athlete too. He plays basketball really well, he plays golf really well. I don’t know which one he is better at but he is a winner at both. That’s the kind of guy you want on your team,” said golf coach Jon Jenkins. 

While one’s on a court, and one’s on a course, Dylan says basketball has made him a better golfer. 

“You kind of transfer how to dim down your emotions when it comes to golf because with golf if you get too carried away or you get too nervous, it will kill you. It’s not good at all. So I’ve learned how to play better down the stretch of a golf tournament, if it’s tight and I can attribute that all to basketball really,” said Bekemeier. 

Dylan’s basketball coach, Steve Jenkins, happens to be his former golf coach as well. When Steve retired from coaching golf a few years ago, his son Jon took over. Now the father and son have to fight over Dylan’s schedule. 

“There at the end of the fall and the golf season, Dad is calling me saying we miss Dylan out here, when are you going to let him stop practicing golf start playing a little basketball. Sometimes I let him go, usually I don’t, I like to hold on to him as long as possible,” said golf coach Jon Jenkins. 

“He’s not built to be an NBA basketball player, he’s a good player, he’s going to be a terror in the church leagues when he graduates. But Lord willing, he may even have a chance to play professional golf and I think he’d be good at it,” said basketball coach Steve Jenkins. 

The senior is fresh off a win at the Evangel Spring Invite. While he’s good at making shots, of all kinds, there might be a future on the green.

“After this year, we are trying to find sponsors and I’m going to do a lot of Web.com qualifying, which is a step below the PGA,” said Bekemeier.

“He has a knack of making a good score out of a bad swing,” said Steve Jenkins. 

“He can hit it a mile, he hits it as long as anyone on the team. But his ability to get up and down is better than all of there’s. I think that is really where he scores. If he misses the green, he has a really good chance of getting up and down for par anyway,” said Jon Jenkins. 

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