Connor Jones Brings the Heat


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — St. Louis Cardinals’ prospect Connor Jones was an All-Star as a Springfield starter last summer.

Now the club’s got him going up as a reliever, but he says it’s no shot to his ego.

“I had been told my future was probably in the bullpen since I got drafted,” Jones said. “This is what they’ve wanted me to do. I’m excited about this. I’m ready to go.”

The former Virginia Cavalier is trying to turn the tables in the second half after allowing two baserunners per inning in his first 19 appearances.

Out on mound, Connor Jones is just that former college All-American and second round pick, really trying to work on his control at the Double-A level this season.

But when the game’s over, in the clubhouse, he wants to be in control there, too.

“He’s been in charge since Day 1,” Springfield Centerfielder Dylan Carlson said. “When you’ve got those credentials, when you’re a real DJ and you’ve got the DJ equipment, you’ve got the music, for sure.”

“I feel like I’m at Ultra – Miami music festival,” Springfield Firstbaseman Chris Chinea said. “He’s got his headphones on, he’s got the turntables out there. He’s spinnin’ it.”

A dubstep concert got a young CJ interested. He became DJ CJ in college, and networked his way into weekly sets at a popular Charlottesville spot.

Connor Jones “It was great memories and times for me. What was a hobby turned into a pretty lucrative side business, and, on the other hand, a pretty good escape from baseball for me.”

There’s no real escape for this pro ballplayer. 

For DJ CJ or Connor Jones, the pressure is always on.

“When stuff’s going really good out there, you’re not really thinking,” Jones said. “You’re just kind of feeling it and doing it. I’d say the same thing happens when you’re DJing. Sometimes you get in a groove, and you just know what song comes next, and you just start cutting seamlessly between them all. So I’d say they’re pretty similar in that aspect.”

Good vibes for the ball club, good vibes for the club club.

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