Chiefs playing Super Bowl LIV for Andy Reid’s legacy


MIAMI, Fla–The Kansas City Chiefs were back on the practice field Tuesday afternoon down in Miami site of Super Bowl LIV.

The Chiefs are working out in Davie, Florida, the practice home of the Miami Dolphins.

The 49ers are practicing where the University of Miami works out during the college season.

Joining me now from Miami is John Holt.

And John before the Chiefs put their helmets and shoulder pads on, they met with reporters again.

John Holt:”They did. Dan, last night was opening night at Marlins Park. And that’s a bit of a circus.
A lot of fun for the players, reporters and fans. Today it gets a little more serious, more like the regular work week for the Chiefs as they meet with the media prior to wrapping it up at the end of the week. We heard today from a number of the key players, including Tyrann Mathieu.
This guy has been a total turnaround story for the defense.”

“I think it would mean a lot. In my opinion he’s already a Hall of Fame coach. I think him winning this Super Bowl would just kind of be the icing on the cake. I think he’s done a lot for this league. Especially minority coaches. You look at our minority coaches, we have four or five. You don’t really see that too much,” said Mathieu.

Travis Kelce/Chiefs Tight End:”How much fun we’re having. How loose everyone is. They’re not getting tight because of the hype is getting real. And the cameras are in front. Everyone’s just enjoying our time being ourselves. I love this team more than any other team I’ve been on man. Because it’s that much more fun.”

Patrick Mahomes/Chiefs Quarterback:”Obviously we want to win it really bad for each other. But we also want to win it for the city. The pride that they’ve shown through the ups and downs. the passion that they show every single time we’re at Arrowhead. It really is amazing and we want to make sure we can bring a trophy home to them.”

Holt: As you mentioned Dan, they’ll continue this schedule through the rest of the week, through Thursday from the team hotel. We’ll hear from the coaches and some of the other coaches along the way. And then by Friday it gets very serious, the intensity rises. They know they’re just 48 hours out from Super Bowl LIV, Dan.”

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