KANSAS CITY, Mo–Kansas City is throwing a street party this week, and more than just Chiefs kingdom is invited.

The NFL’s annual draft will orginate from downtown Kansas City.

Kansas City will host the event just north of the World War I museum and in front of Union Station.

The stage is huge and will give what is expected to be hundreds of thousands of fans a front row seat to the draft.

Currently the Chiefs have the last pick in the first round, then nine other picks the rest of the weekend.

But general manager Brett Veach is known for trading that pick to move either up or down in the draft.

And it doesn’t matter that the Chiefs are hosting the party.

“I know there was a lot of joking last year about Clark saying you can’t trade a pick. Listen maybe there was some truth to it. But I think that applied more to the off season or more like last summer. But we’re here now. So I think a trade down is part of the draft. It gives people more of a reason to come back on Friday and see us do even more work. We’re at the party now, so it’s all up in the air. And I think anything is a possibility,” said Veach.